Friday, July 24, 2009

More musings

I have gone through all the info I have on both Sion's oldest son who is listed as Joshua (born 1808) on his marriage certificate in 1832 and Josiah, who is James' son (born 1828) and brother to my 5x great grandfather.

I think that Sion also had a son named Josiah in abt. 1827/8 but he is not listed on the 1850 census because he was on the way to California or already there somewhere. Although he was able to write maybe he didn't or if he did it was sporadic and he eventually lost contact with the family and through the passing of generations he was forgotten and therefore not listed on any family trees. Forgotten except as "somebody" who went to California and didn't return, lore passed down through the generations.

A letter from a cousin in Illinois I received 30 years ago says that James had a brother "Young" that went to California and was never heard of again. James' brother "Young" was Joshua Younger and his life is well documented. The letter also says that James died early in life as the result of lifting a heavy log at a barn raising - not true James lived until he was in his late 60's early 70's and had a couple of wives and numerous kids. As most things were passed down by word of mouth and an occasional note in the family bible, I think it was "Young" who's name was Josiah (possibly), who died as a result of lifting the log and he was not James's brother but rather his son.
In 1848 James had another son with his second wife and he was also named Josiah, I have often wondered if James fell out with his two eldest sons after the death of their mother, so he just named another kid Josiah. Then again information on census records can be and is transcribed wrong. If the first Josiah did die from the accident, he would have died sometime between 1850 and 1860 in Graves Co. KY. - another grave to look for!

Ewwwww! Crit just asked to be let in and brought me a present - a dead mouse - got to love those kitties and their gifts! Anyway back to my musings.

As that generation were all first and second cousins and some of them probably could write, they may have passed information on to each other. Somehow with the passage of time, Sion's son Josiah and James's son Josiah have become confused. A hundred and fifty years later, I'm confused!

I think I've obsessed about this man long enough, time I turned my attention to the rest of James' children and what happened to them after his death.

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  1. I really dont know if people used the same name twice when naming kids back then. It doesnt seem right, but who knows.

    He seemed like such an upright person, that would keep in touch with family, not some crazy black sheep rogue.