Monday, September 7, 2009


This is Jesse Gough Gamblin, he was born in 1871 in Gamburg, Ripley Co. Missosuri. He was the youngest son of Milo Gamblin and his second wife Margaret Gough, and was named (I would imagine after her brother Jesse Gough. I have to admit we do have some good looking men in our family!
His life has been on my mind lately - he got married at the age of 39 in April of 1910 to Margaret Crowley who was 23 years old and he was dead a year later on June 6, 1911.
He was killed in a Railway accident in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, I haven't been able to find any information on the particulars....yet! Considering it was not written up in any detail in any local newspapers, I am beginning to think it was an accident in the yard rather than on the line. He was an engineer and was supposedly scalded to death by the steam of the engine, a horrific way to die.
He didn't have any children that I know of but in a coincidence almost exactly 24 years later - July of 1935 Jessie Gamblin (a girl) was hurt in a railway accident in Poplar Bluff, Missouri! I haven't figured out who she was yet, but was probably his neice and maybe named after him. I have contact with some of the decendents of Milo's family I hope that one of them can fill in the missing pieces.