Monday, July 27, 2009

Milo's Family

I received some photos today from Susie Patton, a cousin in Washington. They are Milo's children. The first one is Francis Caroline Gamblin Allen (1850 - 1935), she is about 10 years old here. Next is her sister Emily Alice Gamblin Slayton (1860 - 1934) on the left and Francis Caroline on the right. I'm guessing this is taken in the late 1890's.

Last Emily on the left Asher King (1862 - 1939) their brother and Francis Caroline, this must have been in the late 1920's or early 30's in Poplar Bluff, Ripley Co., Mo.
They were all born in Graves County, Ky., but moved to Ripley Co., Mo. when the children were young.
Francis had a daughter - Eve Nina, who's daughter Lucille got me really interested in my family genealogy. It was Lucille who sent me a letter 30 years ago and urged me to get in touch with Susie, as she had lots of family information. Sadly she didn't tell me how to get in touch with her and eventually I gave up trying. Because of the internet Susie saw a message from me and contacted me a couple of months ago!


  1. My goodness, those wagons and those long, HOT dresses and hats. Did you get lots from Susie or have you accumulated enough on your own over all those years?
    The pictures are awesome.

  2. I just got these three, she uploaded them to the family tree, but sent me an email saying to go ahead and share them on my blog. I'm hoping she has more to share.