Friday, July 24, 2009

I Got It! I Got It!

I received the package from California on Josiah Gamblin. Sadly I don't know any more now than I did! In fact I now have more questions. It is 84 pages of court documents about the sale of his property which was a quartz mine, but there is his obituary. It's really hard to read so I'll write it out rather than scan and post a copy.


The Death of honest Josiah Gamblin

Josiah Gamblin died on Saturday January 14th at his home at Fairplay, aged 62 years. The subject of the notice was born in Georgia and became a miner at a very early age. He came to California in 1850 and engaged in mining near Forest Hills, Placer County. About 30 years ago he lost the use of his left arm by injuries created by a mine caving in on him. He came to El Dorado county 25 years ago and had an interest in the Crystal mine and failed owing a large sum. He went to Calayerus county and there had better luck and sent back $3500.00 to pay his debts, although they were all outlawed. His debts ranged form 25 cents up to large amounts, but he knew just how much each account against him was and paid all. He was a member of the I.O.O.F. of Fairplay, the members of which gave him every attention necessary during his illness. Mr Gamblin could have drawn benefits for the past 30 years from the Lodge, but refused to accept any and kept to work with one hand until he paid all his debts. He owned a quartz mill and mine at Fairplay which he willed to the Lodge. Joshia Gamblin was an honest man and his death is sincerely mourned by a large circle of acquaintances, and particularly by the Odd Fellows. His funeral was on Monday.


There is a hand written note on one of the sheets that says he never married and that he came to California in 1852 not 1850.

My questions are:
If he was born in Georgia was he Sion's son? I have Sion with a son named Josiah, but he was born earlier and he was married and had lots of kids. It is possible that that son's name was Joshua and maybe later he did have a son named Josiah.

Or... did James and Nelly (my direct ancestors) move to Georgia for a time and that's where their son Josiah was born? This is the one that family lore says went to California and was never heard from again.

Were there 2 Josiahs who moved to California? Maybe one died early and the other went on to drive me to distraction!

Who ever he was I am proud to be related and I'm got giving up till I find all the answers.


  1. Thats the nutshell of 84 pages????? He was a hardworking, honest man wasnt he? Wonder what "the lodge" was that he couldve been collecting a pension for 30 years? There were so many Josiahs thru the years. How do you know he didnt leave his wife and kids and move to california?!!!

  2. The 84 pages were just had written documents by the court about settling his estate. There was also a copy of his own hand written will, he had very nice writing.
    Would you like me to send the the copies? I would be more than happy to.
    The Josiah if have in my records who is the son of Sion is born 1808 so 20 years older than this man, but maybe he did ditch the wife and 8 kids and run away!
    I gotta see if I can find a death certificate.