Sunday, January 3, 2010

More good looking relatives!

I have met via the internet another couple of relatives - Derrell who is descended from Sion Gamblin the youngest son of William and Susannah and Roger who is also descended from Sion through another of his sons.
Derrell has been a wealth of pictures and has most graciously added them to the My Heritage family tree. They include these two - the fist being Zephuel Daniel the grandson of Sion - is he not just a handsome devil?

Zeph was born in 1838, and married Sarah Elizabeth Spears - who is rumoured to be of Cherokee descent, together they raised 9 children:
Francis Marion (from whom Derrell is descended)
Lona May
Marcus Walter
Claude Dellor
Sonorah Green
William Joseph
Mary Martha
Walter Thomas and

Next is Joseph W Gamblin, the son of Sion 1812 - 1894 he is Zephuel's father and would have been the nephew of my Ancestor Joshua Younger. I wonder if there is any resemblance between Joseph and his Uncle? I wonder how old he is in the picture? They lived in Oklahoma, I wonder how they suffered those beards and the ladies suffered those long dresses!!
(you may note I wonder a lot of things about my ancestors and their lives). I also think he was a good looking man - there is something about those eyes.

Joseph married Mahalia Harris and raised 12 children:
Zephuel Daniel
Nancy Jane
E. L.
John Henry
Joseph William
George Thomas
Fulton and
Ruben Maxwell
How times have changed - toady if you have 12 children they make a television show about you, back then - it was the norm and I would imagine you were considered lucky.
If you want to check out more of these wonderful insights to our past, all the pictures are on the family tree. I am also adding more in the next couple of days that have been mailed to me from a different family.