Monday, June 29, 2009

Milo was the oldest son of Joshua Younger Gamblin and his second wife Mary (Polly). He was born in 1818 in South Carolina and died in 1871 in Ripley Co. Missouri.
He first married Judith Edna Gough in 1842 and they had 2 children Naomi (born 1842) and Joshua (born 1843 - died 1881). Judith died soon after the birth of Joshua and he then married her niece Margaret Ellen or Edna Gough and they went on to have 9 children. This is an excerpt from a Gamblin book:
From the "Gamblin Family History" by Albert Smith and Jane Smith
In the 1850 Federal Census for Graves Co. Ky. Rhoda Gough was in the household of her son Wm. R. Gough - age 76. Rhoda Gough was furious when her granddaughter margaret Edna Gough married Milo Gamblin who had been married to Margaret's Aunt Judith Gough. Judith died a short time after the birth of her son Joshua in about 1844. Margaret was only 14 years of age when she married Milo. Margaret's fathr Jesse was not happy either. Rhoda simply ignored Margaret and her children for as long as she lived.

This is the marker for Milo and his family in Arnold Cemetery, Ripley Co. MO. , sadly they are buried with several of their children who died young. Eudora and Josephine twins - Josephine died at birth or shortly thereafter and Eudora only lived for 2 years. They also lost their daughter Pauline who died at the age of 8, she is not shown on the cemetery map and may have died in Grave Co. KY, before they moved to MO.
Maybe one day I will find Milo's parents Joshua and Polly. And Easter, who was a slave of Polly's, but was was considered one of the family - so the folk lore says.
And if the gods are really smiling down on me I might find Joshua's first wife Annie Grey who would be my direct ancestor.


  1. Wow I love a juicy skeleton story! FOURTEEN!!?? How scandelous is that!? Are you sure Milo was born in SC? I thought Polly & Joshua were married after he came to Kentucky. Actually it seems almost common that old widowed men married way younger women. I wonder if it was by choice or if the girls families encouraged them to move on? I have to send you an email.

  2. I think you are right, Milo was born in KY. I have more scandel - Mary's death certificate says she died of poison!!
    Going to look for email.