Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm So Cotton Picken.......

excited!!! While browsing through a website for El Dorado, CA, looking for any info on Josiah, I came across a "look up" address. I e-mailed them, expecting nothing, but instead someone got back to me to say they have over 50 pages of probate records from his estate when he died.
They said he only had $44.00 dollars to his name but had a gold mine claim just outside Fair Play, CA.
There may not be much info about his family in the records, but one never knows. I've sent for the records and will keep you updated.
Doesn't take much to make me excited does!!!


  1. FIFTY pages of probate records for someone who only had $44????? What in the world can be on those 50 pages?? Josiah is eattin you up real bad woman!
    Did you see if they have a historical society there that maybe has some old pictures of what the area and goldminers did and looked like?

  2. The museum just got back to me, they have 84 pages including his obit!! It's going to cost $23.00 but well worth it in my mind.
    Just watch it will turn out to be the only Gamblin in the US that is not related to the rest of!

  3. 84 pages??? I agree $23 is worth it. They're mailing it to you? Its worse than waiting for Christmas. I cant wait to hear what you find out. Museum? How'd you come across that?

  4. I have no idea how I found the museum, I was following links, I think I started through GEN WEB! I'll pass it all along as soon as I get it.