Monday, August 22, 2011

Zephuel or Zephus

I got some more information on Zeff, he died in Arkansas in 1898. Most references show he is buried in White Oak Cemetery in Mena AR, but I've found with the help of a lovely lady named Jeri in AR, he is buried in Wickes, AR. She took some pictures for me, one of his headstone and one of the area where he is buried. This brings up another question, as you can see his grave is in a row of natural stones (rocks) but someone has placed a new headstone for him. I wonder if it was family or if it was a CSA organization. I may never know but it's nice to see he is remembered.


  1. I was just reading Civil War records on Ancestry! Someone knew what stone was Zeph's. STONE, no wonder we can't find anyone in cemetery's.

    I just checked a few weeks ago to see if you'd posted anything lately. No. Then thought about emailing you and telling you to get with it, then thought NO, cuz you could sure tell me the same thing.

  2. Thelma,
    Zeph's headstone would have been placed at his grave by the U.S. Veteran's Department, either at the request of the family or a group like the Sons of Confederate Veterans.