Friday, October 2, 2009

The Package

I received a package today, a package of genealogy stuff - the best kind of package to receive!

In 1995 a man named Albert Smith along with his wife (I believe), wrote a book called THE GAMBLIN FAMILY HISTORY Mid and Southern America. I've been on the lookout for the book for a couple of years now, but have been told it was only printed in a limited addition and is no longer available.
Lo and behold a couple of months ago whilst perusing genealogy websites, I came across a man named Dennis West who was offering to do look-ups from his copy of the book. I was so excited I emailed him and asked where I could get a copy - he said nope, no can do, I have the last copy that was printed. But, he offered to photocopy any info that was of the Gamblins (there are a few other families in the book that are the authors direct relatives) and mail it to me.
Today I received the photocopies.

There is really not a lot that I learned from it, most of the info I have already found from a dozen different sources, but it is co-ordinated. However, there are some glaring mistakes too, such as my 5x great grandfather James is listed as being the son of James Gamblin of Tennessee, he is not he is the son of Joshua of North Carolina/Kentucky. It also says he moved to Texas with his second wife and children - I don't think so. I believe he is buried in Graves Co. Kentucky with his first wife and that his 2nd wife is buried in Ripley Co. Missouri.

The really interesting part is the last few pages he photocopied for me, they are my own family research from 1981! He does mention my name as well as the name of a cousin up here and a woman named Lucille Owings. I sent Lucille a copy of the chart years ago, she must have passed it on to Albert.

Anyway I am going to photocopy the entire package and mail it on to my cousin Debbie in Chicago!


  1. Get outta here!!! I'm getting a package!? How funny your own stuff was in there. When was it published? Does he say how he did his research? Did he physically go to courthouses and graveyards? I cant wait to see it! Does it have pictures?
    Hve you been looking to see what James he's talking about in Texas? When did you mail it? When will I stop asking questions?

  2. Yes, you are getting a package
    It was published in 1995.
    There is a little in there about how he got his info, mostly from others I think.
    No pictures
    Working on James.

    I only got it on Friday, I will photocopy it today and I will mail it next time I'm in town, probably Monday or Tuesday.